What are the benefits of Content Syndication?

Here’s the situation.

You have a self-hosted blog.

You also have several blogs third-partly platforms, such as Blogger, etc.

You also have accounts on a number of social media sites where you can post articles (such as Tumblr).

In that scenario, when you have something interesting to say, you’d quite like to post it on ALL of the relevant sites, without having to go to each site individually and post the content multiple times.

That’s where content syndication tools and services become extremely useful.

I recently signed up to use SyndLab which performs that service. The developer actually promotes the tool as a way to get high search-engine rankings because in the content that you syndicate, you can include links to pages and videos which you want to rank, and those links will help you rank.

This post is actually a test of the use of SyndLab.

I’ve included a featured image and a video so I can see how the whole article appears on the various sites that I syndicate it to.

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Alex Goodall