About time

It’s a mystery.

About me

I’m an Oxfordian. Ancestrally (400+ years) rather than academically.

I live and work here with my family – bits of which come and go.

I’m old enough to have a grey beard, but young enough to not feel the need to brag about my age.

A pet hate of mine is writing standard “about me” pages and filling in profiles on social networking site, so I’m choosing to please myself on this site: I’m writing nothing more here.

Aspects of my life will emerge at random from future posts (or if you’re reading this some months/years after I started this blog… “have emerged at random from past posts”.)

Or if you’re that interested – just Google my name and see what crops up.

No – I thought not.

Social media links

I’ve excluded my purely business-related social media sites





Meetups that I organise

… from which you can infer some of my interests

Oxford Integral

Oxford Internet Professionals

About this blog

What you see is what you get. No particular themes or audience or regularity. I regard it as an indulgence, to avoid it becoming a commitment or a duty.

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