First Blog Post By Email

If this appears on this blog it will prove that I’ve mastered the somewhat tortuous task of linking my email with my blog.

The theory is that I will be less reticent about making posts because I will be able to skip the login step – and more importantly, I will be able to post easily from my phone – so I will be more likely to post the random thoughts I have when not sitting in front of my computer.

It seems that when I’m in front of my computer I am less inclined to allow myself to indulge in non work-related mental activities. 

This may or may not prove to be a good thing as regards the quality and interest value of my posts.


2 replies on “First Blog Post By Email”

Congratulations Alex. I look forward to hearing your stimulating ideas – it’s been a while, hope you are well.

Great to hear from you Suzanne! Yes – am very well thanks. Good to see that you’re still showing them “The Way” at Unisys.

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