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The first post of a new blog

What do you say in the first post of a new blog?

As a minimum, I feel compelled to offer some sort of justification (to myself, at least) for setting it up in the first place: otherwise I may feel I’ve squandered the best part of the last day of 2011.

I have other blogs that cover my professional (= money-earning) interests, but as I’ve got older, I’ve become increasingly opinionated – or “grumpy” as some would have it. Also, more contemplative and questioning. Perhaps also more inquisitive about more topics.

And since thoughts generally remain incompletely formed until written down – I conclude that I created this blog partly to vent my grumpiness, but mostly to help me figure out what I think.

And I hadn’t figured that out, until I wrote that last paragraph – so it seems to be working already.


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Separating out the business from the personal (and from the family too) seems to have been a theme with quite a few people I’ve spoken to over the last few days. They have said that their personal space has been overwhelmed by their family’s needs and by the constant opportunity to do ‘stuff’ for their business. One person put it all down to respect. We all need to show respect for the other people we engage with. It’s too easy in this world of auto-everything for the tap to be turned on and no-one think about turning it off.

Good luck with the blog, Alex – I hope the separation helps you focus!

Thanks, Graham.

The separation issue is correct, but as for focus, I suspect not! I now have a place to burble on about all sorts of un-focussed, non-business things. But it’ll be fun anyway!


Now you just need the time to think about all the grumbles and further time to elucidate them. Happy times!!


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