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Positive Money on Radio 4

Tune in to this – 8.45 pm Wednesday 24th October.

I’ve studied what Ben and his colleagues have done and as far as I can see, they have the best-researched and most in-depth solution to fix our broken banking system.

I’ve just finished reading Robert Peston’s book “How Do We Fix This Mess?” where he goes in great depths into global financial mess. He offers no concrete solutions and warns that most of the actions taken to date merely postpone the possible full impact of the crash; and furthermore, the proposed banking reforms are little more than tinkering – nothing like the deep reforms that are needed.

Ben’s approach won’t fix the discrepancies in global trade, nor the (intractable?) European mess, but it does stop banks holding the nation to ransom, AND includes some very positive side-effects.

If these ideas start gaining currency (such as being discussed on Radio 4!!), watch banks ramp up the biggest lobbying campaigns in history!